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FIT Engineering, LLC

Facility Inspection & Transportation Engineering, LLC

FIT Engineering, LLC (FIT) is transportation infrastructure engineering inspection firm located in Jacksonville, Florida.  FIT is a woman owned business founded by Sanya Johnson, PE, CBI for the purpose of providing professional services related to: 

  • Bridge Inspection and Structural Assessment
  • Rope Access of Structures (SPRAT Level III Certified
  • Structural Design and Analysis and Minor Bridge Design 

FIT is certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise [DBE] in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Lousiana, Maryland, and Mississippi under a Unified Certification Program [UCP] in accordance with 49 CFR, PART 26.

Inspection & Assessment

To protect the safety and welfare of the motoring public and to safeguard the nation’s bridge infrastructure, bridges are inspected according to a set of FHWA regulations. Structures, other than bridges, also often require inspection for a variety of reasons like assessment of the safety and structural condition, evaluation after damage or impact, and determination of rehabilitation and/or maintenance needs.

Rope Access of Structures

Using industrial rope access is an efficient and economical way to gain hands-on inspection access to a variety of structures, such as: complex bridges, gantry cranes, space frames, dams, and towers. Rope access often eliminates the need to use heavy lift equipment and in the case of a bridge, the need for lane closures and maintenance of traffic.

Design & Analysis

Minor Bridge and Miscellaneous Structural Design and Analysis entails the design and load rating of conventional, non-complex bridges and the structural design of other highway-related structures such as structural supports for highway signs, box culverts, retaining walls, and mast arms.

I commend the courage of Sanya on climbing the Mathews Bridge when it was most vulnerable to assess the damage first hand.

−Ananth Prasad, PE - Secretary, Florida Department of Transportation

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